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Enjoy the outstanding landscapes that decorate the Terra Alta region with this route

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Bike route from Tortosa to Terra Alta region


This route ranges between an altitude of 549 m and 7 m above sea level, totalling 135 km of cycling, and has an accumulated height gain of 2,285 m on the Serres de Pàndols-Cavalls, visiting over 9 villages after departing Tortosa.

The route starts from the Hotel SB Corona Tortosa and takes the C-12 road north on the left bank of the Ebro River, with small changes in height between the towns of Aldover (km 7) and Xerta (km 10). From kilometre 15, change to the N-230C road to start your climb up to Prat de Comte, crossing a small part of the Parc Natural dels Ports and enjoying a first 2-kilometre ramp where you gain more than 100 metres of altitude, followed by a second ramp that doesn’t cause too many difficulties, before reaching the town of Bot at an altitude of 479 m with gradients of up to 8%.

From the town of Bot there are several ups and downs of no more than 7%, passing through Batea (km 48) to Vilalba de Arcs (km 56), where you start to climb for 11 kilometres on the TV-7333 until the junction with the TV-7331, which is the highest point on the entire route at 549 m.

Now you have reached the top of the route, enjoy a winding descent of almost 20 kilometres to Móra d’Ebre (km 82) where you cross to the right bank of the Ebro River in a southerly direction to follow the riparian landscape through the towns of Ginestar, Rasquera, Benifallet, Tivenys, Bítem and Tortosa. This is a stretch of over 50 kilometres along the C-12, with two ramps that are low in difficulty between kilometres 95 and 116. In this last stretch of the route, take time to enjoy the wide variety of landscapes and environments that are evidence of the beauty of the Ebro River and its environmental importance.

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    135 km
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    6.44 h
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    1458 m
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