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Discover the natural environment of Coll Som area with this outstanding bike route from Tortosa

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Bike route from Tortosa to Coll Som

This route, of approximately 49 kilometres, starts and ends at the Hotel, passing through the towns and villages of Tortosa, Bitem, Tivenys, Benifallet, Xerta and Aldover.

First visit the old town of Tortosa, crossing the Pont de l’Estat bridge heading north-east towards Rambla Felip Pedrell, passing the Museum of Tortosa then joining the T-301 in a short 6-kilometre ride along the banks of the Ebro River to the town of Bitem.

Now in the heart of the countryside and surrounded by the nature of the Vall de l’Ebre, you can enjoy a route with an average gradient of 2% over 7 kilometres to the town of Tivenys. This will help prepare your muscles for up-and-down ramps at the foot of the Serres de Cardò-el Boix mountain system, with maximum gradients of 10% and a height gain of 170 m in the stretch between the towns of Tivenys and Benifallet.

After one kilometre, change direction by taking the C-12 towards Xerta, crossing into the Aligars-Serra Fulletera area. You will notice a wide variety of crops along the route that contribute to the area’s spectacular landscape.

Leaving Xerta behind, continue along the C-12 until you see the town of Aldover and reach the Canal de la Dreta de l’Ebre that will guide you back into Tortosa in the direction of the Hotel.

This route never loses sight of the natural beauty and landscape with which the Ebro River blesses the surrounding towns and villages.

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    49.3 km
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    4.4 h
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    370 m
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